« If you're a fan of strategy games and are happy to forgo fancy graphics for good old fashioned gameplay, then you'll love Genesia. However, if you're a casual gamers and we know a lot of you iPad owners are, take note of the caveat – this one's not for noobs. »


« Genesia: The 7 Gems of Neort is an absolute must if you are a turn-based strategy fan. While it may feel somewhat inaccessible for new players, it is well worth the effort to learn as it rewards the intrepid with innovative and endless gameplay that will stand the test of time. »



  • GENESIA is a Strategy and Management turn based game in a living world.
  • Playable, up to three players on the same iPad or against the artificial intelligence.
  • In a procedural universe: two rounds never look alike, for hundreds of hours of gaming.
  • A deepness and attention to detail unprecedented on iPad : form armies and conquer foreign provinces. Soldiers, bowmen, horsemen, champions, bards, cannoneers and hot air balloon pilots are under your commands. Order the construction of fields, roads, wells, gardens, storage rooms and warehouses, barracks, taverns, stables, workshops, temples... Your architects have the blueprints for dozens of constructions.

A hot air balloon caught in a snowstorm