Happy Christmas!

By Thomas Zighem at 13:12

Hear ye, hear ye! I am happy to announce that Genesia Legacy soon will be entering its "closed test" phase.

A few persons close to the project, who helped in a way or another (translation, music composition, advice regarding the code, text revision..) will be able in a few weeks to have early access to the first Steam version of Genesia Legacy. This private Windows version will allow this small group of people to check some aspects of the game, depending on their area of expertise. They will primarily focus on playability and comprehension and quality of texts and dialogues in both English and French.


If all is well, after this phase, Genesia Legacy will be released for all and Indiegogo backers will get their steam key and other advantages.


I'd like to thank everyone of you who was nice and patient enough to help and support us in order to achieve this.


Evelyne and I wish you happy holidays! <3


Thanks to Amandine Felder for the english translation! /kiss


Genesia Legacy is coming "soon"!

By Thomas Zighem at 19:01

Hello all! Many of you wanted to have some news about Genesia Legacy and were wondering if I had dropped this project. I will try and answer:

First of all, I want to apologize to those who have been looking forward to playing the game, I know the wait is getting long.





- The Genesia Legacy project started end of january 2013, 3 years ago now. I usually work on it full time, 5 days of the week, 9 hours a day. I work on every aspects of the game: game designing, coding (with Unity and Visual Studio), graphics & animations (with Photoshop and Blender), sounds and music (with Amadeus) and quality assurance.


Evelyne worked full time as intensely as I did, mainly on graphics and animations, during the first 20 months, then she got a new job and worked only part time.


For us, Genesia Legacy is a heavy project to handle, and we could have considered quitting many times.


- When it's done, the project will have cost around 100.000 euros. We got some support through a crowdfunding campaign, with which we got 2009 euros, so roughly 2% of the budget.



- Originally, Genesia was a game created on Amiga during the early 90s. The code and the game architecture were mainly based on the AMOS BASIC and Assembly languages. Using the foundations of the first game, I converted it all to Objectice-C, which allowed me to add some elements of object-oriented programming to create the iPad version in 2010. Finally, I converted Genesia from Objective-C to C# to create Genesia Legacy.


This is not ideal and this has been the real challenge of the project, because I often have to "break" some parts of the code, restructure them to add new features. So it takes me a lot of time to rewrite things instead of just create. But at the same time, this way of doing things (by keeping the original, giving it a new life and enhance it) is what gives a soul to Genesia. This project has matured and improved through the years. It's undoubtedly an uncommon and particular project.


A few years ago, I summarized all of this in three sentences:


"To me, creating a game is art. The code I create is like a painting, a work of art that slowly comes to life under my fingers. Genesia Legacy is not just a game, it's the work of a lifetime!"

- Finally, there is a new job that "small" independents have to learn to do: community creator and manager. I realized rather quickly that Genesia Legacy wouldn't go far if I hadn't a community large enough around this project.





In 2016, you can't just snap your fingers and draw attention to your work and arouse enthusiasm. I decided to gather, little by little, video games fans and people interested by game creation with my Twitch channel Sir_Thomas_, where Evelyne and I share our passion for video games in order to spread our message and make people want to learn more about turn-based strategy games, and perhaps about Genesia Legacy.


For us, it's a good and efficient way to communicate and to be close to our community. Without this channel, Genesia Legacy wouldn't have reached as many people as it did so far. Through the channel, fans support us morally and financially, which is really helpful for a long-term project like this one. I love this community, and I met some wonderful people. However, it takes a lot of energy, but it's necessary in our current situation. Nowadays, making a good game is not enough, the competition is tough, independents projects are overall good quality and it's hard to be known.


Independent game development is not an exact science, because it's diverse and complex, so I won't announce a release date for now. If asked, I will simply say: "when it's done".



The game will be ready soon, it's progressing well and I keep doing the best I can. I hope you understand that I don't want to waste the work done and the time spent on Genesia Legacy by rushing things.

It's a beautiful baby and I hope our work will live up to your expectations.

Thank you all.

Yours sincerely,


Thomas Zighem.


Thanks to Amandine Felder for the english translation! /kiss


The Governor's relations

By Thomas Zighem at 08:10

Hello all,

I just finished the integration of the relation between your Governor and his people, his kingdom and the environment. This "relation", directly influenced by your actions in game, is rated on a scale from 1 to 10, with 5 being "neutral". I give you the possibility to choose the 10 words you think are best to describe the evolution of this relation, from worst to best. You can add your own propositions, of course!


Hopeless, depressing, despicable, shabby, squalid, appalling, abhorrent, deplorable, revolting, miserable, awful, ludicrous, meaningless, absurd, ridiculous, stupid, poor, bad, weak, insufficient, neutral, ordinary, good, fair, generous, appropriate, admirable, encouraging, brilliant, excellent, perfect, remarkable, outstanding, delightful, fantastic, sensational.


Evelyne and Thomas' personal choice: Abhorrent, mediocre, shabby, insufficient, neutral, correct, encouraging, good, excellent, outstanding/remarkable.


See you soon !


Genesia Legacy on Indiegogo!

By Thomas Zighem at 14:03



Since 21 january 2013, the development of Genesia Legacy has been solely financed by our own savings. Your contribution will not only allow us to keep on developing the game, but will also help us ease our daily expenses. By making this gesture, you're supporting the work of two independant developers.






Genesia Legacy Trailer 2015 (EN)

By Thomas Zighem at 08:03

Get ready for 2015! The year of Genesia Legacy! Turn-based strategy and management game in a beautiful living world! Please share on your social network.


Genesia Legacy 2015 Official Trailer



A thought in the early fall

By Thomas Zighem at 08:10

"To me, creating a game is art. The code I create is like a painting, a work of art that slowly comes to life under my fingers". "Genesia Legacy is not just a game, it's the work of a lifetime!" - Thomas Zighem.


Some news!

By Thomas Zighem at 07:09

Hello everyone,


I take this opportunity to give you some news about the development of « Genesia Legacy »:


I considered making a « playable » version as soon as possible, and present it as « early access » on Steam. Unfortunately, there is still work to do so that I can ensure the best gaming experience. There are still issues to develop before you can play in good conditions, as the menu interface of the game, backups, or adding sound effects for example.


I have just finished the « barter part » of the game, to allow exchange of goods. Wagons, donkey riders and balloons can carry goods between provinces. At the same time, I am improving the inventions, like the telescope, for example, which will help to have more precise information on opponents.


Then I will make a point to know what I have left to do before to offer an « early access » version.

Know that I put my heart into my work, you know how much this « art » is important to me.


Thank you for your support!


Once upon a time in « Genesia Legacy »

By Thomas Zighem at 17:01

Below, a moment of life captured from Genesia Legacy (release date around June 2014). The story of two settlers in the province of Sonoria !


Once upon a time in « Genesia Legacy »


Genesia Legacy development

By Thomas Zighem at 14:01

At the beginning of this year, I wish to all of you a happy new year 2014 and I take this opportunity to announce the development of a new version of Genesia. I am working on it since January 2013 and it is making great strides.

I have spent a lot of time on this new version and I will regularly share the news with you. 2014 will be rich for the fans.


"But what is Genesia ?"


Genesia Legacy is a turn based strategy game in a living world. Particular attention is given to the deepness and interest of the game.


Genesia Legacy will be released around june 2014 on PC / MAC / LINUX, and a bit later on IOS and ANDROID.


Unlike the 2011 IPAD version, I am lucky this time to work with my « fiancée » Evelyne. She is working on graphics and animations. She brings richness and poetry to the universe of Genesia. That allowed me to concentrate on the new code.


Like me, Evelyne will share with you a part of her job throughout the next weeks.


Below, you can discover one of the island of the game. Those islands are composed of provinces. In the center of each province is your emblem. On this screenshot, the province of Sonaria in spring. Settlers settled, some are working. The banner of symbols located at the top of the screen regroups the informations of the province.


One of the island of Genesia Legacy
One of the island of Genesia Legacy


A more distant general view of Genesia Legacy
A more distant general view of Genesia Legacy


Evelyne and I wish you a Happy New Year 2014 !


Contest : a name for your game !

By Thomas Zighem at 10:07

The new Genesia is coming soon ! Choice his name and win 10 keys for the iPad version released in 2011 on the Apple Store.


To confirm your participation, simply validate the poll on the Facebook page and leave a comment. 10 winners will be randomly selected.


You have until August 31 to vote, good luck !


Happy New Year 2013!

By Thomas Zighem at 12:01

I wish you all a happy new year.


I would especially like to thank the fans who regularly send messages of encouragement. Your support and testimonials go straight to my heart! Thank you a thousand times !


One last word to indicate that the development of Genesia " Universal " is progressing well and you will have good surprises this year.


Do you like nature ?

By Thomas Zighem at 09:10



Hear ye, hear ye brave people ! As of this day, I have the pleasure to inform you that the update 1.1.6 of Genesia iPAD is available NOW on the Apple Store !

New job, the gardener : settlers learned the art of gardening.
• Protect the natural environment.
• Plant flowers and watch the trees grow !
• The new varieties of flowers have a greater impact on the natural environment.
• The destruction of a road will no longer cause discontent of the people.


Do you like nature ?Do you like nature ?Do you like nature ?

• In the springtime and in the summer, a tree has chances to give birth to a young sprout.
• Rain and melted snow can fill the groundwater.
• Drenched groundwater is essential for it enables the vegetation to develop !



To accompany this good news, I propose to offer a promo code to your loyal readers. Need some codes to review the game or make a contest ? Please feel free to contact me :[a-roba_s]



This is the summer festival !

By Thomas Zighem at 13:06

 Les mises à jour gratuites continuent !


The iPad version of GENESIA just received an update : multiple save location, new graphics and animations, to the bards, soldiers, bowmen ...


The iTunes link : the summer update !


SOS : Help independent developers

By Thomas Zighem at 12:05

Call on to GENESIA fans

I am pleased to provide you a new experience in strategy games for iPAD. I consider GENESIA not to be like a « product » but like a « work of art », a game created by a passionate developer, for passionate gamers.
GENESIA for iPAD received good reviews (8 / 10 on tbreak and gamekult, for example), but very few sites have bothered to test it. Simply because it is less accessible than most of the « small » games on the Apple Store.
GENESIA is a good game, but it is an « UFO » unknown on the Apple Store. Your involvement is important for further free updates of GENESIA and so that together we can continue to develop this world !
So I call on to you, talk about GENESIA to your friends, on your Blogs, your Facebook page, Twitter and Forums. If you are columnist or journalist, please help make it known.
I've already taken enough of your time, now it's your time to play.


New : GENESIA LITE for iPad !

By Thomas Zighem at 14:05


GENESIA LITE is now available on the Apple Store for hundreds hours of playing to discover alone or with friends. Form armies and conquer foreign provinces.


Play it for free !

Try it for free !


Genesia iPad - english version

By Thomas Zighem at 13:05
This new version of GENESIA is inspired from the game of the same name I created twenty years ago on Amiga 500. GENESIA, named Ultimate Domain in the USA, is a turn based strategic game that received the « Tilt d’or » in 1993 for the best strategic game facing the challengers of the time such as « Dune 2 » and « Starlord ».
GENESIA’s programming has been entirely re-thought and re-written according to Objective C, whilst maintaining the philosophy and original title of the game. 
GENESIA is not an easy game. Contrary to « Gameplay » where everything is pre-cooked and where your hand is being held to redirect you every two minutes, here there is no tutorial obligating you to do this or that in order to advance.
In GENESIA, there are no mind blowing special effects. I preferred to keep my focus on the deepness and interest of the game.
A hot air balloon in the province of Damora - Spring
One year is divided into four seasons and each season corresponds to one round in the game. In the beginning of each round, little time is given to you to elaborate your strategies and distribute your orders, before passing to your opponent’s hand.
You can do what you want at any given moment whenever you feel the need to. Being quick or slow isn’t a problem, at any given moment the situations can permute and a well played hand can change the unravelling of the round. A situation that seems completely hopeless to you can, armed with patience and strategy, turn around to your favor.
Robert BAILEY has a grudge against the Governor
GENESIA isn’t a simple race against time. You will always have several ways to do what must be done, and step by step, you will sharpen your tactics. To achieve victory, you will have to develop your economy’s politics and accumulate resources that will enable you to recruit soldiers to find as fast as you can gems of NEORT.
On the other hand, you will have to protect your provinces and consequently establish a defense. You will undergo defeat if all the gems have been collected by one of your opponents or if you have no more provinces under your control. 
GENESIA proposes you 3 different game experiences, the challenges to overcome depend on the provinces' area that you decide to administer :
  • The « brain boggler » mode is available on hostile provinces of 8x8 allotments : this option is reserved for players in search of challenges. The provinces are small, the resources limited and each action must be thoroughly thought through.
  • The « normal » mode is available on provinces of 10x10 allotments : this option offers players well balanced games.
  • The provinces of 12x12 allotments are welcoming. The natural resources are more abundant, and life generally more peaceful.
Emma and Hugh live in a shack
To evolve in GENESIA, you will have to act as harmoniously as possible. Several crafts are at your disposal to build this New World : farmers, lumberjacks, blacksmiths, carpenters, soldiers... But all of this won’t be done easily for other Governors are striving just as you, on other territories. It’s your economy’s development, your military force and technological advancement that will lead you to the term of your engagement.
Each inhabitant of your territory must necessarily own a home.
Your inhabitants morale is their primordial characteristic, it will influence numerous parameters such as : productivity, battle qualities, the wish to found a family, births.
As in every society, your people aspire to happiness and have their own lives. They work, pay taxes, get married, have children, age... and are even subject to diseases.
Once you arrive on GENESIA’s archipelago, you are at the head of a province and of a few inhabitants. They are the first settlers.
  • Flowers favor the presence of pollinating insects, the tree roots stabilize the grounds, and vegetation develops accordingly to the natural environment. 
  • The sea, the rain, the storms, the snow melts, drinking water wells influence the groundwater.
  • The seasons have a direct impact on the exploitation of the natural resources.
A bard is singing legends for his compatriots
This new version is the first stone to building an empire that we can create together. It will take time and GENESIA will evolve during the following months. I already have dozens of ideas I would like to incorporate to make GENESIA the most complete, interesting turn based strategic game there is.
  • A Strategy and Management turn based game in a living world.
  • Playable, up to three players on the same iPad or against the artificial intelligence.
  • A procedural universe: two rounds never look alike, for hundreds of hours of gaming.
  • A deepness and attention to detail unprecedented on iPad : form armies and conquer foreign provinces : soldiers, bowmen, horsemen, champions, bards, cannoneers and hot air balloon pilots are under your commands. Order the construction of fields, roads, wells, gardens, storage rooms and warehouses, barracks, taverns, stables, workshops, temples... Your architects have the blueprints for dozens of constructions.
A hot air balloon caught in a snowstorm
Soon your turn to play !

Thomas Zighem

Thomas ZighemIndie developer, I have created my first software in 1992 on Amiga 500 : GENESIA, named Ultimate Domain in the USA, is a turn based strategic game that received the « Tilt d'or » in 1993 for the best strategic game facing the challengers of the time such as « Dune 2 » and « Starlord ».



Since 21 january 2013, the development of Genesia Legacy has been solely financed by our own savings. Your contribution will not only allow us to keep on developing the game, but will also help us ease our daily expenses. By making this gesture, you're supporting the work of two independant developers.

Be fan of Genesia!