Call on to GENESIA fans

I am pleased to provide you a new experience in strategy games for iPAD. I consider GENESIA not to be like a « product » but like a « work of art », a game created by a passionate developer, for passionate gamers.
GENESIA for iPAD received good reviews (8 / 10 on tbreak and gamekult, for example), but very few sites have bothered to test it. Simply because it is less accessible than most of the « small » games on the Apple Store.
GENESIA is a good game, but it is an « UFO » unknown on the Apple Store. Your involvement is important for further free updates of GENESIA and so that together we can continue to develop this world !
So I call on to you, talk about GENESIA to your friends, on your Blogs, your Facebook page, Twitter and Forums. If you are columnist or journalist, please help make it known.
I've already taken enough of your time, now it's your time to play.